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We all have our different lifestyles. You know, those little choices and patterns that define how we live, eat, sleep, and so on. But have you ever thought beyond the personal effects? Ever thought about how your lifestyle could or is already affecting the world you live in?

Okay, so why the self-actualization intro? We just want you to know that the way we live and carry on with our day-to-day activities has a bigger impact on mother earth than we know. Yes, natural disasters may come and go, but we humans are always around and walking the earth. This begs the question, are you living an eco-friendly lifestyle? If not, then boy, oh boy, we need to get you started on one right away.

What Is An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle?

To get you started on your journey to the green valley of a more eco-friendly lifestyle, we need to first equip you with the knowledge of what such a lifestyle entails. There’s no need to visit the encyclopedia for this one. When the word ‘eco-friendly’ pops up, replace the ‘eco’ with mother earth, or the planet, the environment, the world you live in.

This allows you to understand the fact that living an eco-friendly lifestyle means making life choices with the environment in mind. It’s literally you living life in such a way that’s beneficial and void of harm to the environment.

We are blessed with so many resources and goods in this world that we didn’t even ask for. The least we can do is be nice in return. Want to know how? Then read on to find out.

Ways to Start Living More Eco-Friendly

  1. Recycle

We start with the most obvious life choice of an eco-friendly citizen. Rather than tag every used product as ‘trash,’ simply collect, sort out, and clean up these materials to form secondary materials.

Recyclable materials include glass, aluminum, paper, and metal. The end result of recycling is that you conserve nature, reduce pollution, and save energy.

  1. Green Your Home

Another way to give back to nature is to plant trees around your home. Not only are you preserving nature, you’re also improving the earth’s atmosphere.

The leaves of plants serve to produce oxygen through photosynthesis. This is why homes surrounded by trees are always properly ventilated.

Want to go green? Try out our reusable organic mesh cotton fruit and vegetable bags.

  1. Stop Throwing Food Out

It’s quite a shame how much food goes to waste in our country. The data shows that over a quarter of the food we consume goes to waste, which is really not good.

Think of the costs that go into resourcing, producing, and transporting these foods to our local markets. Not so good, is it? We can save these costs by developing the habit of matching our food purchase with our consumption rates. This also reduces the level of pollution.

  1. Healthy Eating

A high level of energy is needed to transfer animal and plant energy into chemical energy (food). That’s why it’ll go a long way if you cut down on the dairy and meat you consume. The healthier option is to consume more locally grown organic products. They require less energy to produce and are easier to transport.

  1. Turn Off and Unplug

A lot of us are guilty of leaving the appliances plugged in when there’s no power or leaving the light bulbs on when we move out.

It’ll interest you to know that these actions have cumulative effects. The standby power consumed from leaving appliances plugged in could amount to the same level as power plants over time. Therefore, be a dear and turn off and unplug all appliances when not in use.

  1. Put a Cap on Your Bottled Water Habits

Billions of gallons of bottled water are consumed every year. Despite the clean nature of our tap waters, people still get hooked on bottled water, mostly due to its convenience. What you don’t know is that a lot of energy is put into producing bottled water. To make things worse, these bottles take centuries to decompose!

So, if you must go for bottled water, go for the more eco-friendly reusable glass water bottles.

  1. Less Packaging, More Recycling

A bulk of the waste that fills up our lands comes from product packaging. Out of the numerous packages products come in, only a handful get recycled. The rest, as you’ve guessed it, get thrown out and added to the already piled up wastelands.

Not only are they more toxic, but they also require more energy to produce and transport.

A better alternative is to go for products with little or no packaging. Some good examples are portable bamboo cutlery sets, biodegradable toothbrushes, and even reusable metal straw. Most importantly, if packages are unavoidable, try to recycle.


  1. No to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags pose a lot of ecological problems. They are toxic to the aquatic habitats as they are mistaken for food by animals. They take an awfully long period to decompose and are more energy-draining to produce.

Go for the more eco-friendly paper bags and try to recycle these plastic bags if you must use them.

Conclusion: Why the Eco-Friendly Route?

There are tons of reasons to make that switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The benefits on a personal and global level are too great to ignore.

Also, the long-term effects of eco-harmful life choices are too detrimental to even consider. Other reasons to consider eco-friendly lifestyles:

  • Mother Nature and her gifts are left unharmed
  • A healthier life is guaranteed
  • Public health is also greatly improved
  • Self-pride from doing something so beneficial to the environment
  • Reduced pollution and contamination

You don’t necessarily need to make drastic lifestyle changes to become eco-friendly. There are several changes you can make as well patterns you can adopt to better yourself and the environment at large. Emulating lifestyles such as zero-waste, healthy eating, the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), and minimal consumerism go a long way in affecting the environment positively.

Also, the kind of products you purchase and use for your everyday needs is another factor. For better, eco-friendly products, head on to our store to get the best on green products.