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Get to know us!


GRANOSPR is black-woman owned eco-friendly brand that provides alternatives for plastic daily use products to reduce waste for a sustainable Planet.   


We see the problems of climate change occurring on the Planet everyday. That is why environmental awareness is so important to us. We would like to help change and improve our most common habits and provide you with lifestyle alternatives so that we can help preserve the natural resources that will sustain us and our wildlife.


Educational Talks:

Taking care of our planet and island is a collaborative work. That is why we have joined with other projects and organizations whose mission is to help improve the sustainability of our planet.

We help promote, organize and/or attend shoreline cleaning events in our communities. We also conduct research and provide environmental education to our communities so that they help us sustain our environment. In the same way, we joined with #localbrands for product collaborations.


You may wonder about the resurgence of the eco-consciousness movement in recent years.

The average American citizen produces approximately 4.4 pounds of garbage PER DAY. Around 250 million tons of garbage are dumped annually worldwide, but where does it all end up? National Geographic estimates that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastics floating around in the oceans. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, posing a great threat to marine life and our ecosystems.

It is also the main player in global warming, leading to ocean acidification, increased intensity and frequency of natural disasters, endangered species, loss of biodiversity, loss of ecosystems, diseases and many other repercussions.

How You Can Help?

You can help by using biodegradable products and by complying with the 3Rs (recycle, reuse and reduce). Using products that come in packages increases the amount of garbage that we generate as families, due to poor management of recycling programs on the island. We can reduce our consumption of these products and switch to biodegradable goods.

Small but significant changes like the products we offer can make a big change in our planet’s ecosystem. This is a good start. We can also participate in the #ZeroWaste movement by growing our own food and using solar energy and rainwater in the long term to reduce our economic investment to achieve a substantial improvement in our well-being and the well-being of our environment.

A healthy Planet is a healthy life.